Change in official fees for registration of marks

The official fees for registration of marks in Bulgaria changed as from 14 April 2020 when an amendment to the Schedule of Fees of the Patent Office was published.

Instead of payment in two installments – at filing and upon registration – the new rules provide for one single payment of a lump-sum fee at filing. The lump-sum fee is BGN 520* for up to three classes of goods and services. Another BGN 30 is due for each additional class after the third. Additional BGN 50 is due for the issuance of a certificate upon successful registration. 

The change results in shifting of the payment of almost all fees to the stage of filing. This means that the entire lump-sum fee for filing may be lost in case that the trademark application is rejected on absolute or relative grounds. The proper preparation of a trademark application and the mitigation of opposition risks, therefore, become even more important for the applying businesses. At IP+Legal we provide comprehensive pre-application advice and we assist you by establishing a sound filing strategy.

*approximately EUR 266