Reminder: EU Fund provides grants for registration of marks and designs of SMEs. Apply now!

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are eligible to obtain grants to register their marks and designs by submitting an online application by 16 December 2022.

The application process is as easy as possible. All that is required is for the applicant to be an SME, and to fill in an online form by attaching only two documents in PDF format: a bank statement indicating the bank account of the SME and a VAT registration certificate.

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The financial aid may be used for reimbursement of the following fees:

– 75% of the official fees for application and registration of national marks and designs or EU marks and designs.

– 50% of the official fees for application and registration of marks and designs in non-EU countries.

The aid is granted in the same amount for all applicants – up to EUR 1,500. This amount can be used for one or more marks or designs up to the cumulative maximum of EUR 1,500.

Approval is received within 20 working days after application. Only after receiving the approval for funding, the relevant activity should be undertaken, i.e. one or more applications for mark or design shall be prepared and filed. The fees for the applications shall be paid by the SME, and the fund subsequently reimburses the relevant percentage of the amounts thus paid.

Once the fees for the mark or design have been paid, in order to reimburse the relevant percentage, the SME must explicitly request this. The application for reimbursement is submitted online through the same account created by the SME when applying for the aid.

More information about the grant scheme and online application forms can be found here:

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