Innovation leads to better financial performance according to new EUIPO / EPO report

Being increasingly innovative, more and more firms rely heavily on intellectual property rights (IPRs), a recent report shows that. The analysis conducted by the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European Patent Organisation (EPO) and published in February 2021 demonstrates positive relationship between firms that own IPRs and their performance. According to this analysis, firms that own IPRs generate 20% higher revenues per employee than their counterparts without an IPR portfolio. Firms that own IPRs also pay on average 19% higher wages than firms that do not. The analysis comprised a representative sample of over 127 000 firms from all EU member states.

IPRs such as patents, trademarks and industrial designs are instrumental for companies to capture the value of their ideas, bring them to the market and furthermore secure a return on their investments in intangible assets. Businesses can leverage IPRs to assure higher margins, license technology, establish collaboration agreements and attract investors. Companies can also depend on IPR protection in foreign markets to scale up their activities and compete with large, established enterprises in those markets.

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